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The Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore

The web presence is good because when i tried searching ‘spastic children’ the site immediately appears as the first result.

What the website offers?

The website offers a variety of services and informations.

The information provided by the website is very in-depth and very neat.

The layout of the website is also very simple and pleasing to the eyes.

The website also provide dates for events that are going to be held.

Evaluation of the Website

The navigation panels are very neat and easily identified at the sides and at the top.

It even have forms and newsletter for people to download so they can just print it out and fill it in, which is very convenient.

Although the website do provide dates for the events that were going to be held but they are not up to date.

The color of the website is not very striking and the colors dont crash.

The layout of the website is also very simple and pleasing to the eyes.

I feel that what it is lacking is updates and direct online donation services.

Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore

This web’s presence is good. i did the same for this website as well and this web also appeared as the first result.

This website is also neat and informations were in-depth.

It offers equal amount of services as the Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore.

The layout of the website is somewhat similar to Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore but it does not have the side panels.

The colors used were also appropriate and does not clash. It does not make the website look messy and striking. Makes reading easy.

This website also allow download of forms over the internet.

But this website is frequently updated as they have dates about events in 2011 compared to Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore website which doesn’t.

However what i feel is that this website lacks more images unlike SCAS which has quite a few images accompanied with the words.



I feel that the collaboration between this two organization is possible as both are about helping the mentally and intellectually disable people so chances are high.


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NMT Literature Review


Rethinking Marshall Mcluhan:Reflections on a media theorist.



Basically, this article is about Marshall McLuhan as a public intellectual ,how he became an influential figure. This article is also going to talk about how Marshall McLuhan views the future media which are television and radio and these media are affecting us and our lives.

Public intellectuals are people who answers questions of the educated people with regards to politics and ideologies.

Reason for choosing this topic to review:

The reason i chose this topic to review is because as i was reading the biography on Marshall McLuhan,  I was attracted to one of his famous quotes which is ” The medium is the message” and also his negative views on televisions.

3 key findings regarding this article:

My first key finding is that Marshall McLuhan was unknown only until he published 2 famous books which are The Gutenberg Galaxy and understanding media. With the help of the broadcasting community, He was able to rise to prominence.

My second key finding is that Marshall McLuhan distinguished 2 kinds of medium, which is the hot and cool medium. Hot mediums are newspapers and radios, they provide information which does not require readers or audience to put in much effort to interpret the information. Whereas the cool medium requires viewers to make assumptions to complete the information.

My third finding is that Marshall McLuhan views the television as both a good but also a bad influence to people. The good influence is that the television is able to bring both the sense of touch and hearing together. While the bad influence is that Marshall McLuhan felt that the television might numb the nervous system of human.

Research on related topics:

How television affects the humans’ nervous system. When people watch TV, brain activity switches from the left to the right side of the brain. The right part of the brain is twice as active as the left, a neurological anomaly when viewers are watching television. When the brain activity changes from the left to the right, the brain releases a surge of natural chemicals called Endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals which makes the body feel good, thus making the human body to crave more of it.




Weakness and Strength of Marshall McLuhan:

Marshall McLuhan was ahead of others during his time, the creation of the internet has matched the idea of a global village which McLuhan himself predicted. But there are a few weakness of McLuhan. One of it is that although the issue regarding the 2 hot and cool mediums are interesting, however as McLuhan did not provide a solid basis thus ,making the idea inconsistent and superficial.



I feel that the works of Marshall McLuhan’s work are ambiguous to a certain extend as his writings can be interpreted in many ways. His rose to prominence was also because he focused on how communication technologies are affecting the society. Marshall McLuhan although was ahead of others in his time, but he didn’t know that the internet will be created. But in his writings, because it could be interpreted in many ways, he was able to vaguely describe an emergence of something similar to the Internet. So in the end I feel that his impact to our society is great to a certain extend as his works are still worth studying.

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New Media

Hey Babes and Hunks!There is a cloudtag  I  created using at the bottom.The keywords and phrases that are used in the cloudtags are:

  1.  MultiMedia
  2. NewMedia
  3. Paradigms
  4. Expression
  5. Network
  6. Digital
  7. Art
  8. Information
  9. Culture
  10. Communications
  11. Computer

This are the colours that i used in my cloudtag.


And this is my cloudtag!

Wordle: NewMedia

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Howdy, babes and hunks!This shall be my NMT blogsite. My name is Hong Ming. I am a nerd…well atleast i think i am one.

Okay this shall be the end of my introduction.

Have a nice day,yo!

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Hello world!

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